segunda-feira, 31 de março de 2008

Inner Sanctum....

The night perpetuates the shadows
still present in my soul
as a sentinel they guard
they protect,keeping at bay
those ill intentioned
those angels of doom
that try but without sucess
to enter the inner sanctum

All those light entities
those beacons of hope
they dare not to approach
the apparent darkness
that surronds so guarded place
afraid to be consumed by it

And so as the cicle repeats itself
and the night returns
i wait....
for that special being
who through intuition
will have the necessary courage
to realize that the shadows,just illusions
are there just to discourage the weak

I wait patiently
for the one who without knowing
holds inside the key to unlock
this fortress of mine
setting my soul free

Allowing in that way
all the beauty inside to come to life
allowing the shadows to mutate
in a sizzling,bright,blinding light
capable by itself to obfuscate the sun

In that moment in time
my quest will be complete
my destiny fulfilled
my soul free at last
because i´ve found you.


sexta-feira, 28 de março de 2008


Those that in the name of peace wage war....

Those that dont try to give a helping hand....

Those that make us feel helpless....

Forcing us in the abbys....

But never affraid....

Of those that rule by fear....

And opression....

Making us unhuman....

Forcing us from home....

Fighting for our loved ones....

Sometimes burying them....

Unable to stand....

For our dignity....

For our broken dreams....

Leaving us with external and internal scars....

Sometimes the Bravest among us are forced to the ultimate sacrifice....


segunda-feira, 24 de março de 2008

Wherever you are....i will find you....

I believe that this game is far from over
Your eyes, everchanging
Shred my beliefs
Elusive as air, your million faces
Share a smile, shed a tear
Then you’re hiding again
Wherever you are, I’ll find you
And leave my life behind
Wherever you are, I’ll find you
I’m leaving now
Every moment of faith
Flows unattended
Pressing thoughts so misleading
Into my head
Come out of the dark
Don’t keep me waiting
For the pain is too deep...
Hear me! Come out! Free me!


For long
I have been hiding
And all the pain I hold within
Sends shivers down my spine
For long
I have been waiting
For a reason to arise
Was it all a waste of time?
I am not who you think I am,
Soon I’ll be letting you down
I am not who you think I am
I’m everywhere
You think I have been lying,
There are secrets
That lie frozen in my silent stare
If you go through my fears
You will see I’ve lost control
All the faith I had is gone
Step back,
Watch me closely
As my crimson wings unfold
You’ll see me as I am
I know, it won’t be easy
But in the end you’ll understand
My instinctive need to fly

terça-feira, 11 de março de 2008