terça-feira, 30 de setembro de 2008

I Will Wait....Until i Find You

In the silence of the night
i can almost hear your footsteps
echoing in the desert street
guided by an invisible force
i keep on moving

Apparently to those watching
on an aimless quest
but they are mistaken
my apparent lack of destiny
only a trick to elude those
dark souls that keep haunting me
that keep me enslaved in an unbreakable bond

But in my heart i know the reason
your presence i can almost feel
your light will be the tool that i will need to
break free from this invisible prison

Your gentle touch will be able to set me free
Your presence will keep me safe
those dark souls....they....
they will finally be cast to oblivion
and every time that i will enunciate your name
the world will stand still
and only You and i will be able to walk away
away from our pasts running like free spirits
to the bright future that until now has been denied
to the both of us

The world will not end tomorrow....and each day
we will make our own.


I dont know who she is....

Everything looks blurred to me
My clouded mind puzzles me
Mentally racked,
So many questions and so little truth

I didnt see beyond
But I returned with only one certainty

I shall stay here till the end
Its so hard to slip away, the dice are cast

Im part of the future
But my role has already been written
I neither know the rules
Nor the one who leads the play

Few answers, but only one reality
My dreams are stormy what perverse illusions !

Damned forever what a sensitive situation !
Then like a cry piercing the night
Her face reappears before me
I dont know who she is !
But shes the only one who can tell me
What the future has in store for me

So many questions and so little truth
So few answers, but only one reality

Maybe its luck,
Ive to find her.